Some Days I Feel Like Living

When I see the sunrise after a sleepless night,
The sky fractured into blue, pink and gold.
When I hear a song I loved in high school,
Its melody fresh and like a warm embrace.
When I see a little girl smile,
I remember that I used to too.
Some days I feel like living.

When I call up a friend I haven’t talked to in a while,
I remember all the laughter and memories together.
When I look up at my mother and she is smiling,
I marvel at how far we’ve come.
When I come home to my cats,
They rub their heads against my legs and purr.
Some days I feel like living.

When I write a poem,
It is not a sad one this time.
When I look at my brother,
He grows up too fast but he’s happy.
When I smell a flower,
I remember little things still make me happy.
Some days I feel like living.

When I read one of my favourite books,
The words feel like coming home after a long day.
When I don’t think of my father for one day,
I feel I’ll get through it.
When I smile at a stranger,
Their eyes crinkle as they smile back.
Some days I feel like living.

When I see a picturesque building,
I see how ruins can be beautiful too.
When I see my friends happy,
I know that I can be happy too.
When I observe the passing of time,
I know slowly but surely I’ll be alright,
I will be whole.
Some days I feel like living.

Kaunain Fatima is a 19-year-old from Lucknow.

Featured image:  Collins Lesulie / Unsplash