Some Days I Wish He Was Alive

Musing down the streets of Sainathpuram,
Reminiscing about the times we cycled.
Cycling from parks to construction sites,
Some days I wish he was alive.

Toning your voice in the backbench to tuning a steel rice container,
We jammed to Linkin Park’s verse.
Preluding from in the end to numb,
Some days I wish he was alive.

Teaming up to do homework together to turning into rivals for a Beyblade showdown,
Telling tales, to once again tuning your tabla for a jam.
Some days I wish he was alive.

Fantasising about the future to fixing my flat tyre,
Fighting about who owns a better watch to watching out for each other.
Some days I wish he was alive.

Performing on stage to perfectly jumping off a cliff,
You yelling at me to jump and not be scared,
Me messing up the landing, while those words stayed fresh in my head,
As you vanished.
Some days I wish he was alive.

Me flunking tests, you fulfilling deadlines, us framing new jams,
Fourth-grade friendship to forever gone,
Some days I wish you were alive.

In memory of my friend, Vinay Anand.

Amitesh Anirudhan is an undergraduate student of mathematics and physics who is enthusiastic about life and its weird but at times splendid quirks. 

Featured image credit: Epic Bike