‘Some Sort of Normal’: A Mini-Comic on Scenes From the Lockdown

If there’s one thing that can never be contained, it is creativity.

The lockdown has inspired artists across fields – be it writers, musicians, photographers and artists. The fruits of their labour while stuck at home finds its way on to social media each day.

In an interpretation of life under lockdown, Delhi-based visual artist and illustrator Damini Gupta has drawn up a mini-comic to capture some of the nuances of living life during these troubled times.

‘Some Sort of Normal’ is inspired by scenes from the quarantine, and her determined (unnecessary) attempts to make sense of it all.

Gupta specialises in both digital and traditional artwork in a variety of mediums. Her illustrations are highly stylised, sometimes surreal, and often satirical portrayals of her everyday experiences, with prominent emphasis on the human form and femininity. You can find more of her art on her Instagram account here.