Someday, you’ll be above anger or envy,
Above the taxes they might levy.
You will see victory and defeat alike,
Not fear the monster you call ‘life’.

You will love, and do so unafraid,
Not for a liquid trade.
You’ll divorce your last shilling,
Lift up the despairing.

Someday, in this play of transience,
You shall crave nothing, hate nothing.
And pursue a perennial conscience,
Inert, yet living.

When desire tosses you around
In passion drenched seas,
You will lie on unshaken ground,
Contemplating your release.

Someday, you will see
there is nothing new under the sun,
Wars and worries, lust and love.
Tricks and treason, even up above.

In this web of true lies,
You will say your goodbyes.
Lilting like the calm sea,
As the worlds frolic in frenzy.

Yuvraj is an alumnus of The Doon School and Ashoka University, where he studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics. He worked as a copywriter at Ogilvy, a top-tier New York based creative-agency before switching to more long-form creative and journalistic writing. His pieces have been published in Indian publications like The Scroll and Serenade magazine. 

Featured image credit: 愚木混株 Cdd20/Pixabay