Sticks and Stones Are Breaking Bones

They were sent, with hope, to college
With prayers to seek knowledge
With bright red kumkum across their foreheads
But instead, bright red blood is what they shed.

All they wanted were books and a degree;
But now they are begging to be free
From this ambush of violence.
Ironically, the government demands silence.

Who are they? Why are they here?
Ask the students puzzled and in fear.
Why are they destroying our second home?
While we stand still like a garden gnome.

Why should we stand still?
Let us fight, let us protest the bill.
Knock knock knock, who’s there?
Section 144, don’t you dare!

For those of you just keeping to your books
Without giving the struggle a second look:
No, you are still not at peace.
In come the thugs, and put you on your knees.

They barge in carrying sticks and stones;
Not thinking twice about breaking bones.
Students and teachers, beaten black and blue
Leaving the campus with a red hue.

What has our country come to?
This period shall we forever rue.
For it has tarnished the name of democracy.
Or should it be renamed as hypocrisy?

Amrusha Muralidharan is an 18-year-old from Chennai who recently completed her higher secondary education from Chettinad Vidyashram.

Featured image: @krithiiika