Strangers at the Library Bar

This stranger
Lurking at the boundaries
Of my space,
My mind and me,
Watching me hover, leaving like a menace.

This stranger
Holding me in my gaze
Refusing to come closer
Or to move an inch away
Leaving me lost, in my own game…or gaze?

This stranger
Mocking my simple friends
In a silent decree,
Denying me a chance
To meet this stranger inside me.

My sweet stranger
Lurking at the boundaries
Of my past and present
Pushing me back
And of my past and future
Allowing me to push myself back.

This stranger inside me
Is there someone coming with you,
Someone stranger than me?

Aditi Jain is a third-year undergraduate student of English Literature at IPCW, DU. A reader with a greedy bookshelf, she’s always on the look for spaces and time for a little solitary quietude. In March 2021, her debut collection of poetry, Chaotic Cosmos Volume 1, was published by Olympia Publishers, London. 

Featured image:  Danny Lines / Unsplash