Students at NLU Odisha to Go on Indefinite Protest Against Administration

The students at National Law University, Odisha (NLUO) have released a statement saying that they will go on an indefinite protest, starting July 24, until the administration ‘takes specific measures to solve problems that have been plaguing the university for years.’

According to the Odisha Sun Times, the students, alongside the Student Council, staged a demonstration on campus. They were seen holding posters and placards and shouting slogans, stating their demands. In their statement, they mention the uninhabitable conditions of the girls’ hostel, the dismal state of the sports shed and failure to provide a suitable library as some of the reasons for their protest.

They also mention a fee hike of Rs 30,000 that is being enforced on the upcoming batch, even though the administration has not given a reasonable explanation for the same.

The full statement has been reproduced below:


Student Protest in National Law University Odisha

The Student Body of National Law University Odisha, along with their Student Council will be going on an indefinite protest starting on the 24th of July until the administration takes specific measures to solve problems that have been plaguing the university for years.

Important issues adversely affecting the living and working conditions within the campus have been ignored. The girls’ hostels are in terrible condition, rendering most rooms uninhabitable. A world-class library had been promised since the inception of the institution, but no progress has been made other than the completion of the basic structure. Several prejudiced academic and examination policies that are still in force. The fees for the upcoming batch has been increased by Rs 30,000, without providing a reasonable explanation. There have also been no positive steps taken to improve placement figures. These particular issues have been continuously raised for a number of years, but no significant steps have been taken by the administration to remedy any of these. 

The students of the university condemn this lethargy and demand nothing more than their due right, the right to a university that provides a conducive environment for learning. The issues mentioned above affect the basic conditions in the university and make it very difficult for the students to even attend classes regularly and comfortably, notwithstanding the fact that a portion of the student population does not even have a decent place to live. 

Other than the issues mentioned above, the administration has also been lax in carrying out basic infrastructure development within the university. The sports facilities are in dismal condition, and an unfair curfew timing is being imposed.

Students, through this peaceful protest, aim to stimulate the administration into doing their duty and ensure that basic living and academic conditions are attained. 


Featured image credit: Facebook/college’s official page