The Ashy Wren Warbler

The subtle little ashy wren warbler,
That nested in our orchard one October,
Passed a few nuggets of wisdom across,
Which I whole heartedly, accepted without being cross.
I noticed in awe one day how tough it was,
For the warbler to impart the basics of life to the fledgelings at all cost.
It happened when two fluffy blobs one day,
Were sitting innocently in an inconspicuous way.
In our front yard the two yellow things delicate,
Adorned the place like the icing on a cake.
The big picture dawned upon us a bit late,
When the parent warbler flew in and made some haste.
Stuffing insects into the little one’s beaks,
And urging them to return to the safety of the trees.
Since in their attempts to fly long and high,
They had studded to a stop in our yard, unable to fully fly.
The parent kept assiduously trying,
Coaxing, encouraging and even demonstrating,
So that the naïve little ones somehow comply,
And its progeny is safe and secure when the night comes by.
For many hours continued this display,
Of love, care, nurture, keeping selfishness at bay
The parent eventually was successful in accosting the fidgety,
Little ones and nudging them away to safety.
Such meaningful insights into the lives of other creatures around,
Definitely has an effect profound,
And like that fledgeling on the ground,
The lessons anyone can learn simply abound!

Varsha Bais is a scientific staff member currently working in ISRO who loves to travel, cook and marvel at nature.

Featured image: david Griffiths / Unsplash