The Bullets of Anxiety

Chased by the bullets of anxiety
In middle of the rush hour of office,
In the hours of dawn and in the middle of the night,
No self-help book or breathing exercise seems right.
I hate medicines, they make me numb.
Nothing seems to work
On the pounding heart, constantly beating like a drum.

Sometimes triggered by an external event
Or that pessimistic stream of thoughts.
It makes a perfect recipe for
A stomping heart and a restless mind.
Each time I am hit by it, it bleeds and bleeds…
I try to stop it, but in vain.
Thoughts of compulsion, guilt and pain.

Until the thoughts are diverted to a different lane
A mindful awareness runs through the vein
The uneasiness of the uncertain future settles a little bit.
Thanks to the dog at the park, or that kid
A small chit-chat with the friends or colleagues,
An assuring inner voice,
That all will be fine.
Sometimes, all it takes is time.

Sneha Biswas holds a PhD degree in Development Studies. Her favourite pastime includes reading, writing, playing the Ukulele and overthinking.

Featured image: Lauren McConachie / Unsplash