The Charming Fiddler

Like the scurry drizzle
Your thoughts kiss my mind.
For a moment, I hallucinate.
That is when I come up to the terrace
And tardily proceed
Along the viridescent carpet of moss;
Disseminated for miles myriad.

I look up at the firmament,
The gigantic interstice over me,
And let my thoughts fly like the plumose bird.
You’re away from me, except for one day.
When you stood under this same
Commodious shelter with me, on my request.
That was when I loved you.

So I lean by the parapet, like an inanimate recipient
Craving for your contiguity,
Which is only delusional.
The roof does some pishogue on me
And I long for you, staring at the occidental sky.
One single glimpse, one single glance,
Just to remind,
You can never be mine – my charming fiddler.

Camellia Paul recently completed her Master’s in Comparative Literature at Jadavpur University, Kolkata.

Lead image artwork: Camellia Paul