The Choice Is Always Yours

When words fail you,
as you are interrupted
again, and yet again,
just smile, sip your wine,
nod – a simple tactic
to ward off discomfit.
The danger, you see,
dear young woman,
is being articulate, radiant,
engaging with intellectuals
at literary soirees, seminars
or pre-dinner cocktails.

Play up your charm,
flaming red lips others
may lust for, or the heavy kohl
outlining your doe eyes,
in a subtle invitation
with your endearing smile,
that lock of unruly hair
curling just below your danglers.
Examine his eyes –
as time wears on.
Do they betray his inebriety?
Or masked displeasure?

Or sheer affection?
The choice is yours,
dear young woman,
to indulge your fantasy
this warm summer’s day,
or as dusk gently sets.
A night of passion
with a stranger,
who may love you,
or hurt you, scar you.
the choice is always yours.

Jayshree Misra Tripathi has been a consultant, international programmes educator, and English Language & Literature examiner. 

Featured image:  Claudia Soraya / Unsplash