The Cords of Orion

As the light in the eyes becomes dimmer
And sounds grow fainter in the ear
The mind grapples with mortality,
Looking into the material for a higher reality.

Einstein was merely repeating
What those sages knew all along:
Matter is indestructible, nothing ever dies,
Take fullness from fullness,
Yet fullness remains.
Matter, space and time are but forms
Of the power that moves the universe,
Of the irreducible, immutable fullness.

If matter and energy are interchangeable,
And space and time are relative,
When life force sheds my dead weight,
May it turn into pure light,
Escape the bondage of gravity,
Cut through space and time into infinity,
To the fullness that all fullness is part of.

Then I will race through the infinite spaces,
Cross galaxies and touch stars living and dead,
Look Taurus in the eye
And loosen the cords of Orion.

K. John Koshy is a former civil servant. He lives his superannuated life in Chennai with his wife and three cats and is an occasional writer, intermittent gardener and is constantly in love with life, in all its forms.

Featured image: Simon Godfrey / Unsplash