The Curtain

Window curtains inhale
as air from the ceiling fan seeps in.
Sometimes, they get stuck to the glass
as if the air had wet them.
a wall which can be
built and destroyed any time.

Curtains for doorless
entrances are longer.
I used to hide behind them during my childhood.
Don’t know why the ‘denner’
never saw my feet.
The correct word should be ‘seeker’
but I repeated
what everyone was saying.

The curtain again showed movement
beckoning me to return to the topic.
In comparison to curtains,
blinds are easier to operate–
Just pull the cord.
Here, you’ve to drag the whole thing, twice,
from both sides.

Also, the colour of the curtains
should coordinate with
the walls of your room. Why?
Because nobody wants to look odd in
yellow pants and a pink T- shirt!

For a brief moment,
you could think of dusting cobwebs.
But curtains are never cleaned.
You hang them and then
they stay there…

Rahul Shrivastava is a graduate of Tata Institute of Social Sciences and wants to pursue higher studies in Sociology.

Featured image credit: Eelffica/Pixabay