Funeral Songs


Oh God, I am sick.
I am suffering from fever, and a sore throat.
I am ill,
I don’t feel well at all.
The fever has taken over my body.
Over my mind and soul.
I am entwined with the fever.
Like a leaf on the verge of falling from a tree–
The leaf shakes with the wind,
The leaf will soon fall over on her own shadow.
I called the doctor a few minutes ago.
He said to me that there is no cure for fever.
No medicine or syrups.
The doctor was sobbing,
The doctor told me he is also sick, with fever and a sore throat.


Today I am sad.
Not because something had happened.
No, nothing. What could happen to me?
What worst could happen to anyone?
Nothing happens here. It’s all still.
Today I am sad.
Because I want to be.
Today I am sad
Because yesterday I was happy.

Featured image credit: Pixabay