The Good Day

The good day has finally come!
As the dictator promised,
the good day rolled into the country,
sitting high on a roaring bulldozer.
The good day has finally come!
The cronies of the dictator hailed the day,
the journalists coined new words–
to praise the all-powerful.
The good day has finally come!
Standing on the royal podium–
the jumlajeevi dictator began his speech,
“What if it took years to come,
What if it is not what you imagined,
the good day has finally come,
and the entire country should celebrate,
burn candles, hit plates!”
The good day has finally come,
but so did the rain.
When the rain fell on the good day,
It revealed it for what it really was.
People of the country gasped in shock,
for what they saw was no good day,
but a black day painted good.
The dictator ascended the podium again,
and banned the word, “black day.”
On the royal road that day,
a black day died of identity crisis.

Gokul GK is a freelance journalist based in Trivandrum. His poems and short stories have been published by many news/literary organisations including LiveWire, PARI, Indian Cultural Forum and Guftugu

Featured image: PTI