The Long Walk

The long walk
Livelihood shut, food scarce, virus scare.

You view: news, Netflix, Sensex
and tut-tut about the migrant crisis.

I walk
A pot or two bundled on my head, I walk.

You worry: housework, kids at home
groceries dwindling, sanitiser levels dipping.

I walk
The sun scorches, feet calloused, and I walk.

You try: new recipes, new poses
Vitamin C, hot water gargles.

I walk
Lathi raised, disinfectant sprayed, I still walk.

You play: songs, board games
Cards, any kind of time-pass.

I walk
Village reached, entry closed, I stop.

You video call: Singapore, UK
US, you care for them all.

Nowhere to walk,
Hunger, fatigue, thirst
Which one will get me first?

Zarin Virji is a school leader, teacher trainer and writer.

Featured image credit: Danish Siddiqui/Reuters