The Miya is Down

Trigger warning: This poem refers to the recent violence that took place during an eviction drive by Assam police in Darrang district that left two dead and several injured. 

shoot a miya
on his chest
and when he is dead
jump over his body
repeat it
till the fire in your heart
burns your heart into ashes.

evict a miya
from his home
with bulldozers and rifles
and when he fights back
call him a threat
a potential terrorist
and no question will ever be asked.

after all he is just a miya
wearing a cheap lungi
working on the field
or working as a mason
building your palaces
he doesn’t have money
to buy human rights
or fancy lawyers
charging in a day
what he earns in a month.

so let’s leave him
to die and if he doesn’t
let’s kill them
one by one
either in the name of god
or encroachment
of land.

Sutputra Radheye is a poet and commentator on themes affecting the socio-eco-political scenario. His works have been published on Frontier, Countercurrents, Janata Weekly, Culture Matters (UK) and other platforms.

Featured image: People search for their belongings after their houses were demolished and destroyed during an eviction drive in Darrang district of Assam, September 24, 2021. Photo: PTI