The Plight of an Unwed Mother

Like the snake in the garden of Eden,
They deceived her.
The people she trusted and placed confidence in,
Stole her bundle of joy,
Shipped him away as soon as they could,
To hide him from the awkward glare of society.

Her memories of her little boy were distinct,
His little fingers,
The smell of his skin,
And the way he looked at her.

She lay there,
Her arms,
Like she had been left barren.
There was a void in her heart that could not be filled,
Betrayal, revenge and anger.

Those precious three days with her little one,
Was enough ammunition for the battle ahead.
She vowed to herself,
She would find her baby,
No matter the consequences.
No matter which end of the world she had to go to,
She would leave no stone unturned,
This was her fight,
Her baby.

She stood with a poster,
“Give me my baby!”,
While the cameras flashed,
And the rains lashed.
Undeterred she stood,
Waiting for an answer.

One year and one month later,
The DNA matched.
Her bundle of joy,
Her dream,
She embraced
Never to let go again.

She fought,
Till justice prevailed.

Rebecca Thomas, 22, is a student of law from Kerala.