The Precarious Chase

The past confining you in cages of regret,
The present forcing you to look at the positive side,
Heart screeching out loud,
Help! The soul is tired of you running!
Relieve those knots of life;
Peace is all that it is asking for,
Can you stop chasing and allow yourself to breathe?
To breathe the tiredness of your soul,
To smell the fragrance of the air,
To fall in love with your true self.
Listen to the throbbing of your heart,
You were born not to chase like a lion,
But to allow yourself to fly the way you wanted to,
To give yourself a chance to experience life,
Not to listen to what society forced you to do.
Let your insecurities heal,
Help yourself recover from the past.
Don’t you deserve at least a pinch of self-love in your life?
Wealth will accompany you,
But with that self-blame and low self-esteem,
You are letting the hatred affect you,
Your inner self is starting to compromise.
Pull yourself out of that unhealthy relation,
You ought to receive a lot of warmth and love.
Cherish the life ahead of you;
Let yourself breathe the goodness in you!

Adna Peius is a student of psychology and a writer who has a profound interest in topics related to mental health and taboos followed by society.

Featured image credit: Pixabay