The Rebirth

Not silenced by all that happened around her, she moved on
Not lying still in the ashes that the world reduced her to, she rose again
Not looking back into her past for reasons, she moved to her future
Not defamed by the name calling of the self-styled virtuous, she rebuild her broken world
Not intimidated by the powerful, she learnt to tell her story the way she saw it
Not shackled by the deafening echoes of hate, she moved aside to not allow them to bounce off her
Not afraid of isolation when the whispered lies of hate took away all her friendships, she learnt to fight alone
Not afraid of her nakedness when the world tore her clothes off and painted her scarlet, she believed her unblemished spirit was her strongest armour
Yet another woman charted her rebirth after the world dashed her to pieces.

Rachel George is a retired college lecturer.

Featured image: Marianna Smiley / Unsplash