The Revolt of the Punctuators

A bunch of characters
Gathered one day
In the midst of a paragraph
To protest the disappearances
Of commas so essential
To pause and reflect.

Some question marks came along
To raise doubts about the bonafides
Of such a needless protest
Which became increasingly agitated
With the entry of loud exclamations
That threatened to destroy the paragraph

Emergency full stops
were ordered immediately
To restore sense and decorum.
But the hyphens objected strongly
To hyphenation and semi-colonisation
Of this-that; what-which and them-us.

In the end sentences
Were awarded to all;
And laws were enacted
To end rampant bracketeering
That obstructs free thinking
With use of radicalised interjections.

Deepak Manchanda writes and strategises about consumer branded packaging for corporates. He likes to express himself with poetry on the side.