The Run

I was twelve
He made me sleep near the shelf
Every night, I was there lying
With my cheeks stained
Because of crying
He made me go through pain
Which I could to no one explain.

There was a window
Just beside the shelf
Which was locked always
To not let me escape
Although the sky
At night made me smile
For the stars reminded me
Of my bloodline,
I wanted to breathe
Go out and to school,
I wanted to stop crying
And start a normal life.

I was already broken inside,
I could barely speak and confide
It had crossed limits when
He slapped me
For not listening to him
I wanted to die but never return
I had then decided
I won’t be feeble
I won’t be a victim
I won’t let him dominate
For he is nobody
Nobody more than a strange relative
Whom I don’t want to be related to.

The night approached,
And I broke the window
I climbed onto the pane
Jumped down to the ground
And ran, ran faster
For a new life awaited me
For there was no looking back.

Dhamini Nagpal is a law student who is skilful at arguing and passionate about making rhymes. 

Featured image credit: onehalf_onehalf/Pixabay