The Wazes of the World

All must wait, Antilia we know,
and things begin to jell-a-tin together
about the sting in the Scorpio.

What did Deshmukh take Home?
What had Param to bear to sing?
Of Mansukh and what he ran
(Not just playing cops and Riberios).
Scenes to be cc’d and recreated,
a CIU to investigate from far and NIA–
although without a Sharad of evidence.

Such are the Wazes of the world!

Lord have Mercedes on us.
Send us machines–
to count our blessings!

Deepak Manchanda writes and strategises about consumer branded packaging for corporates. He likes to express himself with poetry on the side.

Featured image: Assistant Police Inspector Sachin Waze arrives at Police Commissioners office, in Mumbai, Wednesday, March 10, 2021. Waze has been removed from the Crime Branch after his name came up in deceased Mansukh Hirens statement. Photo: PTI