There Are People Who Stay

There are people
whose touch leave galaxies
on your skin
so deep,
you start believing
you were born with the light of stars.
Who know you haven’t slept in days
so they will spin lullabies
of moons dimming themselves
and cozying up next to you.

There are people
who talk about hope
like an old acquaintance,
someone they will find
just around the corner
in the right parts of the town.
These people make the perfect coffee
and have the perfect stories
to go with them.

There are people
who make you laugh so hard,
the sun is seen
shining from your hair,
they hold you tight
when tears are your only language.
People like comic strips
in newspapers,
the tiny moments of joy amidst a
plethora of destruction and wretched.
People who trace shapes on your palms
so you never forget to feel,
if your eyes are tired of seeing too much.
They curate playlists
to cure your heart breaks
and also for the next love
that knocks your door.

People with whom
conversations feel like handwritten letters,
who look at you
like you are the address
of their long lost postcards,
people with the right mix
of belief and magic
to make you think
your Hogwarts letter
is somewhere in your piles of book.

There are people with
faith higher than the mountains
and love deeper than fears.
People who stay
with so much force, you start believing
they found their roots next to you.
There are people
who will turn around galaxies for you
and such people
are the cosmos
in themselves.

Nandini Singh is a graduate from Christ University Bangalore. The poet within this Gryffindor gets invoked once she’s tired of watching too much F.R.I.E.N.D.S. & Big Bang Theory.

Featured image credit: 木混株 Cdd20/Pixabay