Thoughts Have Become Armour

When a conversation never ends in your head,
at times, it is with a person you feel comfortable,
leading to uncomfortable conversations or the
end of that comfort,
end of that relationship itself.

When something has not even happened.
yet, many scenarios in detail
from the beginning to the end,
have already taken place in the mind.

Wherein the person is very aware
of how it all affects them,
with all the sleepless nights spent analysing.
even after having all the information,
the feeling of now knowing enough exits.

The person is not able to move on,
not knowing how to use any of the thinking,
not able to understand what or how to deal
with any of it.
All that remains is the loneliness in mind, and
the armour provided by all the thoughts.

Megha Poonia is a PhD scholar.

Featured image: Bernard / Unsplash