To Break a Hex Spell

How to tell an intrinsic member,
To stop hurting and start helping,
To ask out and not order about,
To sometimes give and not forever take,
To dry someone’s tears and not be a source of fear,
To attempt in creating happiness and not always radiate sadness.

How to prod innate kin to remember,
To stay positive and not often propagate negative vibes,
To listen to a feeble voice, not the loud noise,
To gather folks anew not dispel the few who surround you,
To understand other’s need for quite stand and not on hand ,
To accept other as they are and not push them far.
If only there was secret words to tell,
That which would undo the hex spell.

Sreeyantha is a person who sees the world in all the colours of the rainbow. A creative homemaker who wishes to capture the universe’s beauty in poems, paintings and short essays. You can read a collection of her poems here.

Featured image credit: PublicDomainPictures/Pixabay