To Walk on Water

Yesterday, I drowned in an ocean of sorrow.
The salt tasted bitter,
the fish were less amicable,
And the shores signalled a formidable goodbye.
I wasn’t alone in the sea,
for it wasn’t just meant for me.

I came in the hope of learning to swim one day.
Alas! There were many who knew to swim
in the shallow waters that angered little.
For their lives and sizes
were too little to be dead.
I mastered the art of swimming and drowning,
in cycles of paradigm,
finding it hard to tolerate
the warmness of the cool waters.

Yesterday I was on the shore,
happy about a ‘tomorrow’.
That ‘tomorrow’ never came
And will never come again.
It’s lost in the madness of unconsciousness.
Past presented a future
The silence of whom
denied a future for the ‘present’.
The past is lost to the greedy.
Sorrow is the price for memories
Hell with memories
Their burden is too heavy to bear.

Cry aloud for nobody to hear
Cry alone for you to bear.
The inner voice is not dead,
Let it hear your misery in disguise
It will give a solution that will give more misery.
Trust the inner voice that has brought you here,
it will anyway take you to the old blemished life.

The moments of inaction,
of fewer expressions and convictions.
The loot of your sense is
the blessing for your ideologues.
Blessed are those who never had
a belief in someone or something.
The help will never come,
it has never been there
for the right person at the right moment.
The cross is to bear for the forsaken.

The fearless may have
their last sacrament in the wildness of hearts.
May the holy water clean you of your kin,
May the bread cure your ill of a grin.
Shall the bliss of love
endure the nicety of your din.
The heart has become so light,
to hold the bareness of my sight.
Behold the man,
whose eyes are filled with blood and tears.
The man who still dances to his own tunes,
with a burning heart of desire.
For whom he came is now in despair.

The unwritten lines missed deliberately
For I doubt their ferocity,
It might end it, I fear.

Mridhul Manoj M is a nobody who explores life in India for whom ‘Love is God’ and ‘poetry is the best defence’.

Featured image:  Stormseeker / Unsplash