Too Much on My Plate

When I say there is too much on my plate
Doesn’t mean I am running at a high-speed rate
Doesn’t mean I am so busy you can’t even imagine
Engulfed with work, endless tasks that can never completely happen.

Maybe I am caught up, yes
But I am not too caught up, I confess
Maybe, there is space, for more work to be culled out
But mind you, would I do it? I doubt.
Not because I want to shirk it, or wanna become a saint
But because I want no hustle in this hustling world, strange?
I value some valuable time for myself, just me,
And a cup of tea, full of glee.

It’s not that I have too much on my plate
But I just have enough, as per my fate
And even if I have less, according to some universal measure
Let me have it what I have, at my own leisure.

It’s important to know when it is getting enough
Will you stop making your own life so tough?
Filling the plate to the brim
And then cribbing – why is the situation so grim?

While it’s all right to take up more assignments
I must not forget in this excitement
That while it’s alright to stumble and fall
I need to know that I can’t have it all
There is too much on my plate
And I hope you can relate.

Featured image: Green Chameleon / Unsplash