Dwarfing of homo faber
In the face of its constructs;
Enervation of the grammar
Of arts and aesthetics
Asking for new symbols and imaginings.

Bizarre – it may seem
Establishments encroaching other spheres
And waning their own.

Junking of knowledge
Intersecting the lives of people.
Augmenting impulsiveness of Nature –
Of freakish weathers and seasons,
Their subitism
And sceptic harmony in the air.

Unprecedented surge of climatic events
Thrashing the dynamic models of forecasting
With extraordinary rage,
And seeking refuge in the inertia of probability
Just to vent out the sanctioned practices
Natives refuse to follow.

The pretense of day-to-day life
Pervading the realms of the personal – the intimate,
Excavating the meaning
One for the astonishing.

The narratives on impoverishing experiences,
Surreal as they seem,
Go infinitum.

The yearning for evasion
From the overarching virtual normal –
Caged in a reductionist frame,
And craving new standards of normality,
Coupled with the pursuit of unassuming reasons,
One is wedged asking the solitary self the question
Around the diminution
Of the funds of imagination!

Javaid Rasool lives in a small town near Lucknow. Most part of his life has wasted doing almost nothing, except earning livelihood from documentation and writing works with organizations like UNICEF, Care India, DFID, Aga Khan Foundation etc. His writings have been published in Social Scientist, Link, Times of India, Jansatta and Indian Express, besides, the websites of the ’Varsity of Columbia and WCAR (World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia & Related Intolerance).

Featured image: USGS / Unsplash