Unicorn Land

Is this the promised land that was meant to be?
With unicorns and rainbows and men who don’t stare at me
A land with empathy and inclusion galore
A land with crippling anxiety and fear no more
Where I don’t have to think twice about my effeminacy
Where I don’t have to pretend to be the definition of a man just to avoid being truly seen
Holding another’s hand becomes a possibility
Holding it forever no longer just remains a distant and hopeless reality
The healing fountain absolves me of my bruised and battered past
This all-consuming feeling of entrapment ceases to last
Crop tops, chokers and eyeliners all lie in front of me
I can pick them up now and not have to worry about someone attacking me
I am no longer a token, I am no longer a tool
No longer your circus clown, no longer a fool
The closets burn down, the masks start to melt
The bigots were never here, we’re no longer oppressed
I can scream, I can yell, I can shout
But my voice begins to mute itself out
I begin to crumble under the weight of these familiar chains
Unicorn Land, will you ever step out of my brain?

Featured image: Lisette Harzing / Unsplash