The world was supposed to end
Into a watery grave or a fiery rend
The ugly kiss of apocalypse
Was to be the final geas
But those prophecies came to a naught
Through false auguries only panic was wrought
We seemed destined for a millennium of beauty and wonder
Only for the unseen to tear us asunder
Not with a bang but a whimper
With hollow men and empty thinkers
Money was pumped into tools of annihilation
Only for the medicus to be asked for salvation
The world stood still, and Pan danced for joy
As the creeping tendrils of mankind stood destroyed
Now whatever will be, will be
The future once again, isn’t ours to see

Note: Pan here refers to nature, as we globally saw a reduction of pollution. Pan was the greek god of the wild.

Shashank Shekhar is an editorial content writer for a global marketing communication firm. 

Featured image credit: Brian McGowan/Unsplash