UP: Professor Allegedly Insults Student for Wearing Hijab, Denies Entry Into Classroom

New Delhi: After Karnataka, the dispute on students wearing a hijab in classrooms reached Uttar Pradesh.

An assistant professor at the T.D. College in Jaunpur allegedly sent a student out of a classroom for wearing a hijab, reported Aaj Tak. The professor, however, has denied the allegations outright.

Final year graduate student Zarina on February 10, Thursday alleged that when her political science professor Prashant Kumar saw her enter the classroom wearing a hijab, he scolded her and asked her to leave.

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Meanwhile, college principal Alok Sinha said that he has not received any complain from any student or their relatives as yet. He further said that he only got to know of the issue through the media and that he will look into the matter.

According to the report, the student’s father met with the principal on Thursday and registered the complaint orally.

Zarina alleged, as per the report, that the professor got angry after seeing her in a hijab and also said that she should take the ‘burqa’ off and throw it away. She further claimed that the professor said that if it were up to him, he would ban hijabs in all of Uttar Pradesh. Thereafter, she was sent out of the classroom.

After the incident, Zarina reportedly went home in tears, without complaining to the principal, and told her relatives what has happened.

In her statement, Zarina asked if the country’s IAS officers could wear hijabs, why couldn’t she.

Featured image: Tilak Dhari P.G. College, Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh. Photo: college website

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