What’s Happening in Our History Textbooks? Paper Is Becoming One With War

What happens in a history book.
Ink and blood greet each other
like long lost friends.
ii. Paper becomes one with war.
iii. The stars rain down on photographs of tyrants.
iv. Revolutions are relived, but never recreated.
v. Capsized ships retell their stories from under the sea.
vi. You see children learning addition on bombed streets.
vii. You see the moon witnessing milestones.
viii. You see mirrors that show distorted images.
ix. You see battles that were never won; victory is often edited.
x. You see pain, you see hunger, you see death.
But sometimes, just sometimes, you may see hope.

Aditi Uniyal is a student from Mumbai, India.

Featured image credit: Patrick Tomasso/ Unsplash