When the Rains Arrive

You know, when the rains arrive,
And unwelcome lizards are visitors too,
A mother somewhere tells her daughter:
Turn away from rebellion. A privilege
Stuck up, security warm,
Standards adhered, bellowing from afar,
Stay away from rebellion.

You know, when the rains arrive,
And flies as blotches scar our plain
White walls,
A life gets crushed, humming machines
And tyrannical death, sometimes
Man’s fatal blows, he erred and here
He throws despair – for someone
Not his own, for someone, a daughter,
A son, a mother, a father, a grandparent,
A sister, a brother; someone not
His own. Choices, calculated in
Callous wit; choices that leave
Bestiality in game.

You know, when the rains arrive,
And hail comes, ornaments plenty
For morning lawns,
Backdoors are open in power too,
Hushed up secrets get passed on,
Mouth to ear, mouth to ear,
About the poor-things with no one,
No home, none left to care and

You know when the rains arrive,
And in rows are plants sucking
Monsoon in,
Tears, rage, suppression,
And action, are all in conflict
With thunder, lightning,
Bellowing from afar: turn away
From rebellion.

Shivangi is a freelance writer and poet, keen on learning more about words and the world. 

Featured image credit: Pexels/Pixabay