When We Adivasis Produce Our Own Knowledge

When we claim knowledge(s) from our locations
We will reject non-tribal/non-Adivasi
Frame of references imposed on us through their
And epistemologies.

We will discard their knowledge production
Which merely considered us
‘Objects’ of research
‘Data’ for producing knowledge
Subjects to ‘control’
Means to get ‘power’.

That not solely restricts us
As a recipient of knowledge
But also invisibilises us
Infantilises us
Inferiorises us
And makes us inhumane.

When tribes/Adivasis themselves writes
We will alter/replace their epistemological foundation
Which perceives us as ‘inferior beings’ and committed
And axiologicide(s) on us.

We will dismantle their way of looking
And produce knowledge from our own
Point of views,
And within communities.

We will unravel our own
And theories,
To theorise our contexts.

Which will not only be diversified and enrich knowledge
But also acknowledge us
Speak through us
Heal us
Liberate us
And empower us.

Manish Meena belong to Ancestral Matsya Land, Dausa district of Rajasthan and is pursuing an MSW in Dalit and Tribal Studies and Action at TISS, Mumbai. He has also contributed to Adivasi Resurgence and The Caravan on Adivasi issues.