While You Lasted

I saw another guy in the same shirt as you,
a little white and a lot of blue
crossing the road from the other side.

I could not help but notice the hair on his skin
and collars as spread as yours.

Where have you been today, all this time,
I am alone in this rambling city
crossing roads and paying bills.

It is ordinary still, the everyday, beating drums do not pass my room
nor evening rains dry up my skin.

All I can say is that while you lasted you were here with me,
and now that no one is here to take me for a ride,
kissing my neck on the cycle
and digress
I walk home alone, thinking of you.

Sundays are noisy
and I miss your pyjama look
sleepless in bed, the sea in my lap,
look how quietly have you dived into my heart
and never left since.

I have so much to think and say,
opinions to share,
but to whom without you?

My cheesy poems of winter fire,
on the subway are lost
never evolving since.

The month of pride is here again,
with colours and faces all around.

I will be there too, without you
alone in a crowd, a sea again,
quietly kissing your sky.

Santanu Das is a postgraduate student studying English at Jadavpur University