Whose Fault Is It Anyway?

She’s a slut,
She was asking for it,
Didn’t you see what she was wearing?

Don’t go out,
Don’t talk too loud,
Don’t you know the world out there is too scary?

It was just a touch,
It was only a kiss,
Why are you always overreacting?

She must be lying,
She wants attention,
Do you know she is always sleeping around?

It wasn’t a no,
A no is never a no,
This is love silly, don’t you know?

She’s a bitch,
She’s a witch,
Don’t you think she deserved it?

Don’t study so much,
Don’t speak out loud,
Don’t you know the man is always right?

It was just a joke,
It was only a song,
Don’t you ever know how to smile?

She is a prude,
She’s a whore,
How dare she reject me, I’ll fuck her up, then she’ll know!

It was stupid,
It was a mistake,
He didn’t mean it, now why can’t she get over it?

Don’t call me sexist,
It’s not misogynistic,
You’re a feminazi,
Don’t you know I demanded the death penalty for rapists?

Jhalak is a political and social being. She is a freelance writer and digital artist trying to navigate through the uncertainties of life. You can reach her on Instagram @rangeen_syahee.

Featured image credit 愚木混株 Cdd20/ Pixabay