Why a Glorified Beginning?

how should I feel
about the arriving year,
when so much has been lost again
in only twenty-four years
of my existence?

is it essential to hold onto hope
that is constantly imposed?
don’t I have the right
to grant my heart
a blank canvas to restore?

do I have to partake in the
culture of positivity,
when all of my strength is aching
into just surviving some more?

why must I be reminded
to move on?
can’t I be left alone
grieving the lost part of my soul?

should every year be forced
to end on an optimistic note?
can’t we walk into the new year
while coping instead of pretending?

Bani expresses herself as a creator, as it encompasses her passion for creating different art forms. For Bani, writing poems is like holding a mirror to her inner tides and comprehending the outer world. Her work has been published in The Alipore Post, Live Wire, Notion Press, The Blacksheep, and The Period Protection Project, among others.

To know more about her work, visit https://www.instagram.com/bani.k/ or linktr.ee/thebanik

Featured image: Dipqi Ghozali / Unsplash