Why We All Love Dobby

The Harry Potter series, a world of fiction and fantasy created by J.K. Rowling has inspired us, provoked emotions, and at times saved not just children and teenagers but even adults. It is truly a masterpiece and a creation of pure love, magic and all things good.

While there is much to praise about the series, I cannot help but share some insights about the character that is my personal inspiration and an absolute favourite: Dobby.

Dobby is the house elf of the Malfoys, the so-called pure-bloods and elitists of the world of magic. They are portrayed as shrewd, and as people who show very little regard to the sentiments of others. Being snarky and downright insulting towards people, one can only imagine the treatment they would have meted out to Dobby, the elf who was condemned to be a slave to their whims.

Dobby finds himself to be truly respected for the first time by Harry and others and very soon becomes a dear friend. On multiple occasions, he displays love and devotion for the ones he cares about while sometimes creating and upheaval in their lives through his mischievous tactics in order to save them from harm.

But the trait that makes Dobby stand out from others is his will and character to live within the grace of light, and the strength to be unaffected by the evil that manipulates those around him.

When Harry tricks Lucius Malfoy to present Dobby with a sock hidden in Tom Riddle’s diary, he saves him from a pathetic existence and a life of slavery. After this, Dobby truly transforms into a brave, “free elf!”. Very soon comes the highlight of Dobby’s story, when he comes to rescue Harry and friends at the Malfoy Manor.

The depth of his character is pretty evident in the famous exchange of dialogue between Bellatrix Lestrange and Dobby, where he says the kind of thing only he was capable of saying, words packed with innocence, goodness of heart and a little humour.

Stupid elf, you could have killed me!”

“Dobby never meant to kill. Dobby only meant to maim or seriously injure!”

In spite of being denied respect for years, Dobby meant to “not kill” but “seriously maim or injure!” Not only does he display innocence, forgiveness and a goodness of heart towards the same malicious people that he spent his life serving, but also showed us that true strength of character comes from being kind.

Sadly, he is attacked by Bellatrix, and gets injured during his rescue attempt. He lay on the beach in Harry’s arms, where he utters his last words, and once again manages to provoke heartwarming emotions and a comforting warmth within us all, even while dying – something that only Dobby was capable of doing.

Such a beautiful place to be, with friends. Dobby is happy to be with his friend, Harry Potter.”

Gone but never forgotten, Dobby shall forever live in our hearts. The mischievous, funny, friendly elf who taught us that we are forever our own doing, and that the only thing that defines our character is the way we see the world and the choices we make today, not our past.

Shraddha Gulati is a physics graduate and freelance writer. She writes for magazines, brands and enjoys telling stories through words and digital media.

Featured image: Warner Bros.