Words to the Unborn

The world is not fair but is still a wonderful place to see
to feel the mist of waterfalls and the smiling bloom of flowers and run scared of a pack of bees!
The world will give you heartache and pain, love and rain, anger and rage but also lots of courage.
It will be challenging to be a human in this humanity,
The world will make you lose hope with its ugly hate,
you will fall and rise, lose and be wise,
gain and repent, of the ends and means you select
but you have to fight.
Fight your inner and outer demons,
for the world is full of greed, with its thousand versions of good and bad deeds.
Be good to others like your father has been,
the one to carry the light, even when I have given up on the good fight.

Latika Sehajpal is working as an Officer in the Himachal Pradesh government. She likes to write and paint.

Featured image:  Franz Harvin Aceituna / Unsplash