Would It Be a Lot Easier If I Just Got Married?

When the meaning of this life is to be happy,

I wonder if I could choose to be happy.

Would it be a lot easier if I just got married,

After all it is just getting married.

It’s not like I could not have sex with my wife,

But I would never satisfy my wife.

There’s a difference, do you see?

For she could never see into me.

A wife, a car, a house and two kids.

Oh go away, you hollow bids.

Don’t you think I want that?

A normal life and this and that?

But this thing in the middle of my chest,

Honesty to self is its behest.

When I lay myself on a man’s shoulder,

Or when I share a lingering kiss,

My heart does skip a few beats.

I like it just the way it is,

But oh humanity, what a mess of society this is.

What threat am I to you anyway?

What broken sanctity are you trying to protect?

Sometimes I wonder,

would it be a lot easier if I just got married?

After all it is just getting married.

I could still dabble into this, and my wife wouldn’t hear a hiss.

An incognito hookup or maybe just a kiss.

But that is not what I want to be.

Probably, an easier life is just not for me.

Mandar Gupte, 24, is currently working in an Adivasi community development organisation called Disha Kendra. He tweets at @gupte_mandar and you can find him on Instagram at mandargupte93. 

Featured image credit: Marcus Lewis/Unsplash