You Called Me Fat? Come Sit, Let’s Have a Chat

So you called me fat, come sit
Let’s have a chat,
Now talk to me face to face
If we’re a pack of cards, I’m the ace,
Was being beautiful
Ever about losing weight,
If not then why are you
Spreading so much hate?

Hey, let me get this straight,
Commenting on someone isn’t appropriate
Try stepping into my shoes,
I’m a lioness at it
Will you even be a kangaroo?
Have times changed or is it the same,
Do you comment for attention and fame,
Don’t do it dude it’s seriously lame
This is to all the people who body shame.

Tanvi Ghotage is a 15-year-old who absolutely loves writing. Earlier, she used to write for herself but now wishes to make a change – even if it is the slightest change.

Featured image: Pariplab Chakraborty