14 Questions I Asked Google

Son logs in 

1. Is it a bad thing if boys like boys?
2. What does being gay mean?
3. How to tell if you’re gay
4. What is sexuality?
5. Free sexuality test online
6. How to tell your parents you are gay
7. How to come out to your Christian family
8. Will you go to hell for being gay?
9. Why does Jesus hate gay people?
10. What will happen if people find out I’m gay?
11. Will my parents love me if I tell them I’m gay?
12. Do I live a country where being gay is illegal?
13. Top 10 gay friendly countries in the world
14. How to make your parents understand that being gay is not evil

Parent logs in

1. How do I tell if my son is gay?
2. Do dance lessons make a boy gay?
3. When will children grow out of their gay phase?
4. What do you mean by ‘it’s not a phase’?
5. How to cure gay
6. How to make a gay person normal
7. How to change a person’s sexuality
8. What is conversion therapy?
9. Will my son be cured with conversion therapy?
10. Conversion therapy near me
11. How do I tell if conversion therapy is working
12. Why does my son seem different after conversion therapy?
13. What are the side effects of conversion therapy?
14. Are nightmares normal after conversion therapy?

Edited by Arathy Asok.

Deepak is a writer and feminist in the making.

Featured image credit: 愚木混株 Cdd20/Pixabay