A Change in the Light

Autumn does not only
come for the Earth.
It, sometimes, arrives
at the threshold
of our lives too.
A time when you wither away
from your old self,
one leaf at a time.
Turning into a leafless tree
and wondering how
everything you grew
finally left you.
All your greenery
faded away in a while.

And, of course,
there’s no chance
to recover the old leaves.
But there’s always a way
to grow into something new,
if not old.

A newness follows with a change in the light,
growing warmth, and more water in the rivers.

A time when you witness
new leaves unfurling on you
and rebirth kisses you.
Summer comes with newly born lambs,
fresh gardens, a long breeze, and more light.

Autumn packs
all the golden fallen leaves
in its bag and says goodbye
with a heavy heart.

Nature knits a poem on detachment.

Until summer comes
with a champagne bottle
and a cigar pressed between its lips.
Pulling nature in its arms,
hugging it with all its warmth
and blossoms flowers on nature’s heart.

And that’s how this poem by nature ends.
By giving room for a new ending and beginning.

Shailja Bahety writes poems that embrace nature and the little notes of learnings hidden in its palms. Always the happiest around flowers and under the open sky carrying clouds and colours. Her Instagram handle is @shailjabahety

Featured image: Syed Ahmad / Unsplash