Big Brother’s Chelas

Big Brother’s Chelas
Have scored an own-goal
Big Brother’s Chelas
Have dug themselves a hole

From which they are
Trying to climb out
By digging deeper in
With a scowl and a pout

A film among thousands
Would have passed us by
Had the chelas kept quiet and
Let sleeping dogs lie

But no! They had to protest
And call the film names
And each one and his brother
Played one-upmanship games

To prove to Big Brother
That they were chelas of his
And the film became famous
Or notorious; because of this

All over the country
There are oh! so many screenings
In spite of the ban, or
Because of: D’you take my meaning?

When you stare into the abyss
The great Nietzsche has said
It stares back at you
So please mind your head

Big Brother’s Chelas
Have been ranting so much
That they haven’t noticed
The irony as such:

For both rantee and ranters
The initials are the same
Well then, as Shakespeare said
“What’s in a name?”

Sunder and Sonati have been living and growing a forest on a small piece of land in Thekambattu in rural Tamil Nadu for the last 20 years. You can read their blogs here and here

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