A Shudder and a Shiver

A shudder
And a shiver
Met one day
To discuss
The scattered signals
The divisive impulses
Running up and down
The spinal column.

The knees are complaining
They said
The feet are sore
Hands are overworked
The gut is under pressure
And the stomach is rumbling
While the chest
Is getting all puffed up.

What is happening?
They wondered
At the top
Can’t the eyes see?
Can they not smell?
Is their mouthpiece
Connected to the head?
What goes on?

In that ceremonial
Echo-forming chamber?

The shudder
Shuddered to think
The shiver
Shivered in anticipation
When, from the top
Poured forth the troops
Of marching thoughts
To tell the spine

To maintain the stand!

Deepak Manchanda writes and strategises about consumer branded packaging for corporates. He likes to express himself with poetry on the side.

Featured image: Unsplash