Are You Looking At My Chest?

I have a dream
That one day I will see
All women rise up
And shake themselves free
Of their brassieres.
Throw them off our bodies
Like graduation hats,
And run down the streets,
Melons and jugs
And titties together,
All pointy and jiggly and free;
With the aggression
Of a thousand freedoms,
And not one that came too late,
We will wipe clean the slate
And rejoice
In how yours are a rack
And mine are mosquito bites.
Let’s celebrate the inequality
Of left and right tata size.
Like lionesses unleashed
For the very first time,
May our honka-honkas run wild,
May the world thunder and quake
In the wake
Of the freedom balls
On our chests,
Let men shake awake
From their afternoon rest
To us trampolining and twirling
And holding up our breasts
Like orbs in our happy hands,
Let the world be suddenly
Afraid of our chests,
For our breasts
Are finally staring back.

Priyadarshini Gogoi is a poet and editor from New Delhi. Two of her poems recently appeared in the Shoreline Review, an online journal for and by Southeast Asian poets.

Featured image credit: Annie Spratt/Unsplash