This is Hindustan: The Much-Needed ‘This is America’ Parody is Finally Here

Between Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s beating his own record for longest Independence Day speech and Rahul Gandhi’s inexplicable photoshoots, India is going through a lot of real problems – lynch mobs, sexual assault, unemployment, a falling currency, communalisation, political oneupmanship, open defecation, privacy laws and news channels who are willing to show us anything but the news. And at a time where even breathing something “anti-national” can earn you the hate of thousands of online trolls, The Comedy Factory released a parody as sharp as Childish Gambino’s original satirical sensation, ‘This is America’.

With lyrics by Syed and Manan Desai and direction by Aariz Syed, the video doesn’t shy away from the state of our country, calling it like it is, but then ends on an appeal – the country needs you now, don’t spread hate right now.