They told me, ‘It’s a bad change’
That I am drowning in my own mind
Is nothing else but a severe crime
That I look fine in my daffodil dress
Just have to run around to impress
That I am having a cutlet each day
So I should be significantly grateful for all
Should be thanking god for what I have
But they forgot the drought in my heart
The water has dried up long ago
The solid pain and black shiny serum
That I also have mental illnesses,
That I don’t control my own reactions
Like life events, that this strange behaviour
Is more than something strange.

Revika Sangamita (she/her) is an aspiring poet, dreamer and a student residing in New Delhi. She embraces her queerness, mental health issues, healing and grief through her poetry. She has been featured in several anthologies.

Featured image: Matúš Kovačovský / Unsplash