Let The Game Begin

Staring at the board with
alternating black and white squares.
With rooks, bishops, knights
and an army of pawns,
all affixed to be played.

Each piece is yours,
you tell yourself.
And then you say,
‘Let the game begin’.

You know the might and power
each piece holds.
It’s your wit at stake,
a challenge meant
for you to take.

Don’t mistake the silence and calm
as surreal.
It’s pensive thoughts and keen intellect,
awaiting you to make a miss.

Move your force with care
as the moves unveil
surprise, shock and scare.
But remember,
it’s your duty to not flinch a layer.

You’ll fall, suffer and get hurt
but stay put,
for a fall now is required
to stand tall at the end, amongst all.

Life is the same game
a game of chess, well set.
With the pieces representing our lives,
to stay still or to move,
they are switching roles all the time.

A day a rook, a day a bishop.
With more challenges to surpass,
moves are made to advance ahead,
and sacrifices made at each step.

It’s the game to be played along,
some to win and some to lose.
We all want to be the king
standing tall, but at times,
we are just the slaughtered pawns.

The catch is to play along,
with all your wits, will and might.
Accept the game, accept the challenge
And then say, ‘Let the game begin’.

Sadhvi Pandey is a student of Economics at Delhi University. From expressing opinions on global issues to the intricate everyday situations, writing is her passion and her solace. You can find her on Instagram @sadhvipandey_

Featured image: Shirly Niv Marton / Unsplash